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सभी गेम रिजल्ट के 15 मिनट पहले तक लिए जायेंगे!

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How to play online :-

1. First Of All Kindly Deposit Money To Our A/c.

2. Minimum Deposit Of Rs 1000 Rs., Below 1000 Rs. will Not Be Accepted .

3. Secondly The Amount Of Money you Deposit Accordingly The Points Will Be Added To your Corresponding ID

1 Rs.==1 POINT

**minimum amount to bet is Rs. 10.

3.The game you played and got lucky enough to win it then accordingly your points will be increased.

4. If you wish to encash the points of your ID then kindly call or message us and your money will be transferred to your account as soon as possible .

5. After Deposit, Our System will Add points in 30 minutes.

**In case of any inconvenience regarding the transaction of money OR further query then you can contact us on the following numbers.

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